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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Message from Rev. Matt Handi - July 26, 2023

The idea of a mustard seed being like the kingdom of God is an interesting one, because we can go in so many directions when thinking about it.

In Jesus’s parable, the mustard seed is intentionally planted in a field and in that field would be other crops. Yet the mustard seed is an invasive plant that could take over other plants in the garden. This small seed could threaten the yield of other crops.

And then the branches are thorny as well. Would those thorns be a comfortable place for all the birds of the air to make their nests?

The parable too is rather brief. Do we find meaning in its very brevity?

There are so many thoughts associated with so few words and yet, I am continually inspired by the parable of the mustard seed.

Because from small things can come great things, truly great things.

That stirring of wondering before we realize, maybe we’re in love.

That want for community that gives you but a kernel of strength to go out and try new things with new people.

That feeling inside, somewhere, that there is more to this world than the day to day and that small feeling leads you to return to church, (this bit is autobiographical, BTW!)

These are all desires that might start out small but then lead to great and wonderful things.

The wonderings around early love can blossom into a relationship that lasts decades.

That small want for community might even seem insignificant after we’ve joined that club or given pickle ball a try with new friends and we realize how embedded we are in new and life-giving relationships.

That feeling of one’s faith being realized anew can fill their heart, their mind, their soul like nothing before.

All because of a simple stirring.

All because we planted a seed in a field and we found a home in its branches.

And still, the mustard plant is an invasive plant.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe when planted in the right field, it will drive from us all the hate, the loneliness, and faithlessness that inhabits this world.

Maybe, with faith the size of the mustard seed, our lives can change and with that change, we can change the world.