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St. James' Glastonbury
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Annual Report 2022

2022 Annual Report -- Shawl Ministry

COVID-19’s legacy in 2022 still affected our Shawl Ministry activities at St. James’.
While many of our knitters have continued their needlework throughout the pandemic,
social distancing has kept us from gathering in person for group crafting, bible study,
prayer and fellowship. Nevertheless, we are sincerely grateful that our knitters have
continued to create shawls, lap robes, baby blankets, sweaters, hats, scarves and
mittens, supplying St. James’ with hundreds of items for distribution.

At the end of the summer, sadly for our group, we noted the death of Mary Scott whose
prolific crocheting had lovingly created more than 200 baby blankets for our ministry.
Although Mary was so close to passing and could not speak with us, members Kay
Ferris and Jeannette Brown briefly visited with Mary at her home in Enfield just hours
before her death. We prayed for her and thanked her again for faithfully crocheting
items. Amazingly, Mary had continued to crochet baby blankets up until the last weeks
before her passing. Her daughter, Mary, gave us a dozen more blankets saying that
her mom had extracted from her a solemn promise that she would pass on her final
contributions to the St. James’ ministry. She will be missed. May she rest in peace.

Finally, special thanks to former parishioner Martha Bristol Demers who, after moving to
Florida, has enlisted her new southern friends to create hundreds of knitted and
crocheted goods which she boxes up and mails north to us two or three times a year.
Few facilities accepted handmade goods to reduce the possibility of spreading COVID.
However, the Shawl Ministry distributed a total of 12 shawls to St. Francis hospital and
to parish families. Also, we distributed 12 Baby blankets to St. Francis, parish families
and friends, including 3 for parish baptisms.  To the Lakota native reservation, we sent a special delivery of 32 baby blankets, 6 large blankets, 3 lap robes, 6 shawls, 75 adult hats/scarves, 36 children’s hats/scarves, 8 youth knitted/crocheted items. And in the fall, each Carol’s Closet guest was able to choose a warm knitted hat at the regular 3 rd Saturday distribution of paper goods.

The Shawl Ministry always welcomes donations and/or new crafters to join this rewarding ministry.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeannette Brown and
Pat Goodrich