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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church


Planning a Visit?

Welcome to St. James! As a parish, we embrace Jesus’ ministry of radical
hospitality and welcoming as our spiritual way of life. Whoever you are,
and wherever you are on your spiritual journey …. we welcome YOU.  

What is the worship service like?
 The normal practice at St. James’ is to celebrate Holy Communion
each Sunday. Any baptized person may receive communion, and
there is no age requirement. We welcome and encourage children
of all ages as well as adults to receive communion.
 Generally, the bread (wafer) is placed in the parishioner’s hands,
and the wine is received in the common cup. Individual cups and consecrated gluten-
free wafers and grape juice are available upon request.
 If you have physical limitations and are unable to proceed to the
altar, you may inform the usher and communion will be brought to
 If you don’t feel comfortable receiving communion, we invite you
to come forward to the altar rail to receive a blessing from the
priest. Simply cross your arms over your chest to signify that you
wish to receive a blessing rather than communion.
 For additional information, please take a copy of the booklet “Let’s
Get Acquainted – A user friendly guide to worship at St. James’”
located in our atrium. 

Are children welcome?
 The presence of children is a gift to the church. As Jesus said, “Let
the children come to me.”
 If you are parents of young children, God put the wiggle in
children; don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house. If you
feel that you have to leave the service with your child, feel free to
do so, but please come back. If you prefer to let your children
express their wiggles in play during the service, please ask about St.
James’ nursery care.
 For children in kindergarten through high school, please see our
children and youth programs under Christian Formation.

Is there handicap accessibility?
 Handicapped parking is located directly in front of the main doors
to the church, and there is a ramp for easy access. Ground level
access to the church is also available through the atrium.
 There is an elevator in the atrium that provides access to the office
and parish hall on the upper level and to the church school and
meeting rooms on the lower level.

What should I wear?
 There is no specific dress code for Sunday worship. Some people
wear jeans while others wear their Sunday best. You may wear
whatever feels most comfortable to you.

How can I learn about life at St. James’?
 You can call or email the church office, stay for coffee hour after
the service on Sunday to chat with parishioners and/or sign up for
our Wednesday email. This weekly email generally includes
messages from both our senior warden and priest, information
about events, meetings & activities, and links for our Sunday live
stream on YouTube, adult bible study, and Thursday book group.