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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Men's Group Dinners

Whether your attendance at Men's Dinners has been Regular, Sometimes, or Never....this is a great opportunity to start the year off on the right foot with our first feast of 2024. Remember, it will be better if you are there!

Questions & Answers!

Where is it? The Parish Hall at St James' (2584 Main St Glastonbury)

What is the date? Monday, January 22nd

When do I arrive? 6:00pm for appetizers and we dine at 6:30pm

When does it end? We usually wrap up between 8:00-8:15pm

Does it cost anything? No.  

What do I bring? Nothing. Dinner & Dessert & Beverages are provided.  

Really, nothing? Well, you can bring your appetite & fellowship

Can I bring a guest? This is a great opportunity to share some time with guests, so invite some guy who might enjoy dining & discussion.

Is there alcohol? Beverages include soft drinks, beer & wine. We try to be sensitive that alcohol is out of bounds for some due to age, choice, or health & well-being considerations.

My son is in high school or middle school; can I bring him along? Yes

I do not drive at night; can someone give me a ride? Of course. Best to arrange that earlier rather than later. Just let me know & I will get the wheels in motion, so to speak : )

Is it really "churchy?" We open with a prayer of thanks. The fellowship is excellent. We briefly discuss activities & efforts that benefit the church. We sometimes have a short discussion topic which may or may not be be from the Bible.

Is it just St James' or will St Luke's be there, too? Invitations have gone out to both congregations.


Last question.....Will we see you there?  We hope so!

                                                                                  After Dinner Fellowship

If you are new to St James', this is a great way to meet folks. If you are not new but have yet to attend a dinner, now is the time. Dinner usually concludes 8:00-8:15 p.m.