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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Coffee hour is back!


Hosting Coffee Hour

Life is busy, YOU are busy. We all run around managing crazy schedules. But busy or not, we need each other!  Please join us!!!

Come and express your hospitality to the St James community after church by hosting a Coffee Hour.  We gratefully welcome you to participate in the hosting and serving one Sunday immediately after church. It is a joy and a ministry to serve refreshments to your church community and promote time for fellowship. You are always welcome to serve the Coffee Hour from inside the foyer or outside. Please read over these suggestions, and if you still have questions prior to Sunday morning, email Cheryl Turner cjacquesapn@cox.net, or Becky Lee, balee@cox.net . Instructions can also be found on the church website.

  • Sharing coffee hour hosting is a fun way to get to know another family in the congregation. When you split the responsibilities between prep and clean up, coffee hour is a breeze!  

  • Be creative and have fun with your offering: Coffee hour is the joy and responsibility of the entire congregation. This lovely tradition continues because of volunteers like you.  Remember coffee hour can be whatever you want it to be. When the food is gone, you have done a great job!

  • Here are some possible ways to present coffee hour but remember just some thoughts, you do it your way!

Pastries, fruit cups, fruit slices, packaged cookies, baked goods, rice cakes and jam, crackers, and cheese.  Just remember FOOD SHOULD BE ALLERGY-NUT-FREE.

Have Panera or another location cater your coffee hour.

Make coffee in the church kitchen (bring in cream, but we have the sugar stuff). Instructions are in the cabinet.

Have hot water for tea

Nice day and you want to be outside, have lemonade or iced tea.

Have something for the young folks – juice boxes are easy


Don’t want to make coffee, bring it in from Dunkin Donuts or another coffee shop

  • Remember to Ask for help …. You want to host coffee hour but don’t know what to do, where to start, just ask, we want to make this as easy as possible. Can someone help with the setup? Yes, someone from the Vestry will be glad to help you.

So, pick a Sunday that works for you, sign-up and then decide how you want to do it. 

See the back of this for making coffee at the church and other coffee hour tips.

Guidelines for Setting up Coffee Hour

These guidelines can also be found on the church website.  Weekly sign-up sheets are located in the foyer. 

Shared Planning for approximately 30 – 40 adults and 8-10 children.

  1. Coffee Hour usually includes coffee – if you choose to make coffee at the church, plan to arrive at 9:30 AM to start the coffee. There are clear directions to make the coffee posted on the inside of the cabinet door over the electric coffee pots. There is always cream in the refrigerator and sugar in the kitchen to put out in the creamers or sugar dishes stored in the kitchen. You are welcome to use the cups, saucers, plates and silverware also in the kitchen.  Although this is the most cost-efficient option, it does require far more effort taking the dishes downstairs to the foyer to serve coffee hour. Clean up requires placing all the dishes into the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen. You may also serve the coffee in paper cups found in the kitchen closet.

  2. A second option to serve coffee is to bring in boxes of coffee for Coffee Hour from a restaurant, examples include “Box of Joe” from DD. Serve the coffee in paper cups.

  3. DECAFFEINATED COFFEE: Make or bring in one pot of decaffeinated coffee.

  4. During the warmer months, Iced Tea and Lemonade are options instead of hot coffee. 

  5. TEA: Fill and plug in the hot water pot.

  6. COLD DRINKS: Children love juices, juice boxes, popsicles etc. Pre-pour juice for the children.

  7. FOOD: Bring whatever you wish to offer. Store bought food gets eaten as quickly as homemade. Bite-size pieces are best – i.e., cut donuts or bagels into quarters. Popcorn, fruit, small crackers in cold-drink cups are popular.

  8. CLEAN-UP: Wash coffee pots and leave to dry. Load the dishwasher and set to run. Place cream back in the refrigerator. Wash and leave utensils in the drainer. Take home all leftover food and juice. Wipe counters clean.


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