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Update 11/16/2022

Here is the latest news taken from the Wednesday email to the St. James' community.

A Message from Debbie O’Donnell, Sr. Warden

 Dear Siblings in Christ,

 I trust many of you enjoyed the Celtic Vespers Sunday evening. The Rev. Don Hamer’s experience with this service in Scotland added a special touch to the beautiful music.  And, it was wonderful to see so many different neighbors who came just to participate in this unique service. Thanks to Valerie Huestis for getting the word out to the larger community.

 This Saturday is forecasted to be a very chilly day and a perfect day to change our Carol’s Closet procedures to welcome all our neighbors in need to come into our church for the regular bag pick up.  For years before Covid, our Carol’s Closet team found that our visitors appreciated a nibble and fellowship in our St. James’ atrium.  During Covid, we switched to a drive-through format, but we missed the interaction.  This Saturday, we welcome Judy Knowlton back to re-join the team to offer healing prayers.  Please contact Marie Dixon if you can help this Saturday or just show up at 9:30; we need more St. James’ folk to offer our best fellowship experience.

 Our Finance Committee met last evening (Tuesday).  Your lay leadership needs to put together a budget for 2023 in the next couple of weeks.  Please prayerfully remember to send in your pledge cards.

 Before the evening service of Celtic Vespers but after our morning worship, we had an impressive crew who volunteered with the fall clean up of our grounds on Sunday afternoon. This work was to assist our Cub Scouts in the clean-up and brought many from the Men’s Group (and women!).  Thank you to all who helped and to Alison and Chris Banker who helped coordinate the Cub Scout work.

 I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving next week and encourage you to attend the town of Glastonbury Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Tuesday, November 22 at 7:00 pm at the Congregational Church in South Glastonbury.  They will also be collecting non-perishable food and monetary offerings to benefit Glastonbury Self-Select Food Pantry project.  This is held every year and a couple of us are participating in the Tuesday service.  It's good to be with our neighbors in town in a different sort of manner.

Peace, Debbie O’Donnell, Sr. Warden

Many thanks for helping with Fall lawn cleanup to:

Rich James

Bert Carbaugh

Chris Banker

Rick Edwards

Blakeley Crevoiserat

John O'Donnell

Ed Crow

Ralph Urban

Don Gardner

Spencer Chester

Sherman Sherman

Mitch Chester

Dan Aramini

Jeannette Brown

A Message from Don Hamer+

Dear Siblings in Christ,

This Sunday marks the end of the “liturgical year -- the last Sunday in the Season after Pentecost. During this season, our Sunday passages from Scripture have been guiding us to understand what it means to be “the church” –

what Jesus expects of us in continuing His ministry in the world. Beginning in 1925, the Roman Catholic church, and many Anglican/Episcopal churches, have marked this Sunday as “Christ the King Sunday.” Its theme is embracing the authority of Christ which shall lead humankind to seek “the peace of Christ” in the “kingdom of Christ.”

Our Gospel passage this Sunday is from Luke 23, depicting the scene in which Jesus hangs on the cross between two criminals. One of them derides Jesus, challenging Him to use his superpowers to save all three of them.  The other accepts his fate and puts his trust in Jesus, saying, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus assures him, “Very truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

 I think the reason this passage has been selected for Christ the King Sunday is because it so perfectly represents the type of leader that Jesus is, and what it means to be one of his followers. It is not in the exercise of raw power that Jesus exercises leadership, but in inspiring and leading by example. As we close out this Season After Pentecost, it is the ultimate lesson on what it means to “be the church” in the world: To humbly follow where Jesus leads, wherever that might take us.

 Have a blessed week. I hope to see you on Sunday!

 Your brother in Christ, Don+


STEWARDSHIP REMINDER: Thank you to all who participated in Sunday’s ingathering or dropped your cards off to help conclude our Fall Stewardship Campaign. If you have not already done so, please take some time to think and pray about your financial offering to our ministries.  Please complete your card and return it to the church before Thanksgiving.

 Also, 3rd quarter statements were sent out at the beginning of October.  Please review your 2022 offerings to the church, and if need be, put yourself back on track to “catch up” by the end of the year.  Thank you for your faithful generosity.  Jeannette L. Brown, Stewardship Chair

Music Notes:

 Don’s moving words during last Sunday’s sermon of a “new thing” were in evidence later that day. St James’ hosted our first in-person Celtic Vespers for the greater community. We welcomed nearly eighty people for the service, about half who had never been to St. James’, and several who said they had not attended a church in years. Music by Wild Notes and our Women’s Choir enhanced the Iona Community evening service. People were invited to come forward to light a candle, and many were moved to tears at that time. Fellowship after the service lasted more than an hour, reaffirming our gracious hospitality and the desire for people to connect with others. Thanks to all who made this service possible. We are planning the next Vespers for March.

Local events:

ORGAN RECITAL  Thursday, 12:15 pm,  Trinity College Chapel

CONCERT of choral masterworks Saturday, 4:00 pm, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Hartford


 Food Pantry Ministry - November 20th - The food collection shelves in the atrium are nearly full with your generous non-perishable food donations for the food pantry this Thanksgiving season. This Sunday I need your help - both youth and adults - to pack the food in boxes and bags and stack them neatly in the atrium so I can pick them up on Monday and take them to the food pantry during the week. - Valerie

 Toy and Sports Collectibles Auction - Golden Gavel Auctions in East Windsor is having a Toy and Sports Collectibles auction on December 3rd. We have several items leftover from our Spring Fling Tag Sale e.g. vintage train sets, Wii, Xbox, Star Wars role play books, etc., and I plan to take them to the auction so they can be sold for us. If you have any toys or sports collectibles e.g. action figures, baseball cards, video games, marbles, etc. in good and working condition that you would like to donate for the auction, please drop them off in the bin located in the atrium no later than November 27th - Valerie


 Adult Bible Study – Will be repeating the studies from last week, tonight at 7pm. Tonight’s session continues the women of the Bible with Sarah and Hagar.For our final women of the Bible discussion, let’s discuss Leah and Rachel (and their relation to Jacob) and Hannah.Leah and Rachel readings are Genesis 29; 30:1-31; for Leah Hebrews 7:14 and for Rachel Esther 2:5 and Jeremiah 31:15.Hannah reading is 1Samuel 1:2-21.

Extra credit:  Jacob readings are Genesis 27:41-46, 28, 29, 30:1-24

Time: Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.


Carol’s Closet – Is in need of small and medium size women’s incontinence briefs.  Please place them in the Carol’s Closet donation bin near the door of the Atrium.

Church Directory – You can now access the Parish Directory on the St. James’ website.  It is password protected.  If you are having difficulty signing in, pleas call the Church Office.

Facebook users - visit our Facebook page often to keep informed about events. Two new events have been posted, with more to come.

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