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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Message from the Senior Warden April 19, 2023

 Happy Easter to all our Siblings in Christ,

God’s timing of Easter and springtime in Glastonbury is superb, this year.  Our Celtic Vespers, this Sunday evening, celebrates Earth Day.  Thanks to so many who have volunteered to help at our springtime Afternoon Tea on May 6.  

  • There are many “moving parts” to holding a successful Afternoon Tea, wisdom we’ve learned from our past 3 Christmas Teas at St. James’, but great fun.  Everyone seems to find a task or two that suits them and a couple of cross-overs, the day of the event and in the preceding week.  It’s truly a “many hands make light work” type of event.  I love coordinating the china tea cups, small plates, and (32 oz.) teapots, but don’t have a problem helping put on the white covers on the chairs on the preceding Thursday and Friday. Please look at the updated sheets to sign-up this Sunday.  Tickets for $25 will be available after church beginning THIS Sunday.  We’ll coordinate how you can sit with your friends and relatives at the same table (Thanks, Erin Perrelli). 
  • Some of St. James’ “God’s work” to do is next Saturday, April 29 when it is our turn to support Lunch in the Park.  Just as in our Carol’s Closet work, this is an opportunity to directly help our struggling neighbors in Hartford.  Please find a part of the process that is a good fit for you, either putting together the lunches on Saturday morning at St. James’ or handing lunches out in Bushnell Park next to the “Church by the Pond.”  The Rev. Don Hamer will be conducting the service by the pond. 
  • The Vestry has recommended a candidate for our St. James’s “Priest-in-Charge" opening to Bishop Mello, as of Monday evening, April 17.  We are currently in the next stage of considering this candidate.  We hope we can share this information soon, but can only tell you that we are very excited. Please continue to pray for St. James’.



Debbie O’Donnell

Senior Warden