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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Message from Senior Warden April 26, 2023

Dear Siblings in Christ,


St. James’ is growing!  We are showing great skill in offering our hospitality to each other and  to the larger community.  Our Earth Day Celtic Vespers welcomed 88 friends and some new friends on Sunday evening.  At the end of May, on Pentecost, we will baptize 3 little ones. I see the strength of our church community in the large response to volunteering for our Afternoon Tea on May 6.  Please continue to spread the word and look for ways to help.  Contact me or the church office if you can help with set up or clean up, decorate the Parish Hall, making finger sandwiches on Saturday morning (in your pajamas while watching the English coronation), or being a “server” at our all-church and community event on May 6. Teapots of 4 cup size are always welcome.  The china salad-sized plates and tea cups may begin their visit for their big day this Sunday. Let’s plan to enjoy each other as we open up our church to our community.  St. James’ is blessed!


In gratitude,


Debbie O’Donnell

Senior Warden