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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Message from Rev. Don Hamer - April 12, 2023

Dear Siblings in Christ:

It was wonderful sharing our Easter celebration with so many of you last Sunday! What a beautiful spring day to celebrate new life and Resurrection joy! And the Easter egg hunt was a special treat for our youngest worshippers – many thanks to Dan Aramini, Alison Banker and Mitchell Chester for organizing that.

               We now move into hearing the events immediately following Jesus’ resurrection and what that meant to his closest followers, and this week we start with the unfortunately-nicknamed story of “Doubting Thomas.” (John 20:19-31. I say “unfortunately” because I think Thomas gets a bad rap. He didn’t doubt any more or less than any of the other disciples – he just happened not to be there when Jesus made his first appearance. NONE of the disciples “believed” until they had actually seen Jesus’ hands and his wounded side. And even then, they had an incomplete understanding of what it meant for Jesus to have been resurrected. It took them a lifetime for their faith to mature and increase their understanding of what it means to live in resurrection hope.

               As we proceed through this Easter season, I pray that you will look for – and become yourselves – signs of Resurrection life in this world. I hope to see you on Sunday.

                                                                           Your Brother in Christ, Don+