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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Annual Report 2022

2022 Annual Report

Report of the Music Ministry


St. James’ music ministry offers praise to God through congregational singing, choir anthems, and instrumental/organ selections. We embrace a variety of music from centuries-old traditions to music recently composed. We present music during Sunday services, Celtic Vespers, Lenten Compline, and combined programs with other local choirs.


2022 celebrated the gradual return to in-person worship and the Adult Choir returning to regular rehearsals and services. Selections of service music, hymns, and anthems continue to embrace diversity of culture and gender. Thank you to the talented and dedicated Adult Choir for their flexibility and many rehearsal preparation hours as they lead our music week by week. Appreciation for Don Hamer and his love of music his humor as he guides us through our transition.


2022 highlights:

  • Christmas Lessons & Carols (Zoom) on January 2.
  • Music Notes each week in e-blast providing insight into the music for the coming week.
  • African-American music featured during February.
  • Lenten Wednesday Series (livestream) with services of Compline & Organ Meditation, and Celtic Vespers on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Hot Cat Jazz Band led music during outdoor Eucharist on June 12.
  • Summer music included Women’s Choir, Red Letter Day, and soloist Schauntice Shepard.
  • Acquisition of baby grand piano for the chancel, donated from Cromwell Covenant Church that closed at the end of June. Piano included bench, cover, dolly, humidity system, and lamp. Chancel upright piano moved to Parish Hall, and a cover purchased.
  • Marketing of special events (e.g. Celtic Vespers, Advent Lessons & Carols) through social media and local newspapers.
  • Celtic Vespers (in-person) on November 13 with Women’s Choir and Wild Notes, attended by nearly eighty people, largely visitors.
  • Advent Lessons & Carols on December 4 with Adult Choir, guest singers, and instrumentalists. Music focused on selections by contemporary women composers.
  • Christmas Eve services: 5 pm: Harp, Choir, Instrumentalists; 9 pm: Women’s Choir


When asked what the greatest impact was this year, the Adult Choir responded by being able to sit in the congregation during the first half of the service. By doing so gave them the opportunity to sit/sing amongst the worship community and see the ‘action’ (preacher/ celebrant, lectors) rather than viewing things from behind.


Goals for 2023 include restarting the Children’s Choir and continuing to provide special music (e.g. Hot Cat Jazz, Celtic Vespers, Compline).


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Barry

Minister of Music