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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Annual Report 2022

At the beginning of 2022, RERA was still in formation, and in the preparation stages of becoming a co-sponsorship group, working with the Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS).  The group consisted of about 35 members from six or seven different churches or organizations, including St. James.  RERA was approved as a co-sponsorship group ("green lighted") by IRIS in early March and we eagerly awaited assignment of what we thought would be an Afghan refugee family.  We had secured an apartment rental in Manchester and had it furnished and ready to house a family.  March and April came and went and we still did not have a family. 

The leaders of RERA began to look outside of IRIS for a family to sponsor.   God put us in the path of a wonderful woman named Nancy Latiff who works with many refugee families.  She happened to know a Kurdish family who had recently arrived in Springfield, MA and was looking to move to CT. They were in need of a co-sponsorship group and we were in need of a family.  Nancy introduced us (and she joined RERA!) and we were a match that was meant to be!

The family moved into the Manchester apartment in mid-May and have settled in tremendously well.  They are a family of five - father, mother, and three 17 year old girls (yes, triplets!)!  RERA has helped them financially with rent assistance and a few other expenses.  But primarily RERA provides support and has helped them accomplish many aspects of settling into American life.  The father has a full time job, the girls were enrolled in Manchester High School as seniors and have taken SATs and have applied to several colleges, the mother has just recently also started a full time job - at the same place as her husband.  They have purchased a used car and the father has earned his Driver's License and one daughter has her Learner's Permit.  All this while learning English and American customs.  It has been a tremendous experience to be a part of this family's growth.  There are only a few folks involved in RERA from St. James, but as RERA is considering co-sponsoring another family, there will be new opportunities to join this amazing ministry.  If you are interested please contact me.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Gleason Finance Chair, RERA