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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Annual Report 2022

The Communications Committee works to regularly spread the way that God is working in our community to all - people who are active in our faith community, to those who are interested and those who are curious. In this time of transition it is also a goal to keep communication clear and regular as we search for a new rector.

In 2022 we tackled a variety of activities including:

  • Updated the website with new navigation tabs, new content, and photos ( Scan the QR Code above)

  • Regular social media postings on Facebook

  • Gathered photos, created a library for photos and updated the Atrium screen

  • Worked with Dawn Hardwick, our Parish Administrator, to streamline weekly enews, weekly handouts

  • Developed a detailed Media Contact list and created a very effective Press Release template

It is a blessing to see people respond with surprise when they receive a communication - whether it is a photo on the Atrium screen (“ I know that girl on the screen, she is in my class”) ora comment or sharing a Facebook post ( “Best Pageant ever!”) or seeing a press release in the Glastonbury Citizen sharing our event with the community.

Our blessing is the amazing number of ways we are serving God at St. James’ and the talent we have amongst us to take photos, to write content, to organize and process all of the ways we are spreading God’s love in the world

Our dream is to design a new email template and new website that will spread the messages more easily and more visually to more people.

Submitted by Gail Lebert