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St. James' Glastonbury
Episcopal Church

Adopt-a-Pet Event!


                      St. James' Episcopal Church

                  Spring 2017 Adopt-a-Pet event


                                                           When:    Saturday, June 24, 2017  11am to 3pm

                                                                          Saturday, July 8, 2017   11am to 3pm - Rain Date


                                                           Where:    Front Lawn of St. James’ Episcopal Church

                                                                  2584 Main Street, Glastonbury, CT                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Bring your pets to this event as we bless all animals in need of healing prayers.


 St. James' Episcopal Church thanks the following pet rescue/adoption centers

for their dedicated service to animals and for their participation in this event:


                                 •   Glastonbury Animal Control         www.glasct.org                                                                                                                             (Search  for  Animal Control Dept.)   

                                 •  Double Dog Rescue                           www.doubledogrescue.org

                                 •  The Sadie Mae Foundation             www.sadiemaefoundation.org   

                                 •  The Protectors of Animals              www.poainc.org

                                 •  Pack Leaders Dog Rescue of CT     www.packleadersrescue.com

                                 •  Our Companions Animal Rescue    www.ourcompanions.org


                        Please refer to the above listed websites for adoptable pets available 

                                          and for animal adoption application information.


                               Donations of pet food and items listed below  to benefit our

participating pet rescue centers are welcome.   


                                                                              PET RESCUE WISH LIST

 Please consider donating any of the items, listed below, to bring with you to this event or to drop off in the box marked "Pet Rescue Donations" located in St. James' church foyer.  Your donation is truly appreciated by the many animals we strive to save and to find forever loving homes.

                                                          A life rescued is one more life saved !


                For Cats:                                                                                                           For Dogs:

1. Canned Food                                                                                1. DOG FOOD (Adult and Senior Formula)

FRISKIES CLASSIC Pate (no shredded, chunks etc.)                        Canned and Dry (regular and small bites)

     *** (NO sea-food/fish flavors).                                                        • Wellness (puppy and adult)                                      

  • Turkey & Giblet                                                                                     • Nutro

  • Mixed Grill                                                                                             •  Natural Balance

  • Liver and Chicken Dinner                                                                    (including limited ingredient diets)

  • Country Style                                                                                         • Solid Gold

  • Supreme Supper                                                                                    • Canidae

  • Beef & Chicken Special Diet                                                                •  Nature's Variety    

  • WELLNESS canned kitten food (turkey, chicken)                           • Taste of the Wild

• FANCY FEAST cat broth packets                                                   2. DOG TOYS & TREATS

                                                                                                      Pupperoni, soft dog treats, beef or                                                                                                     

2. Dry Food                                                                                   chicken sticks, Edible flavored

  • Purina One Indoor Advantage                                           Nylabones, Dentabones, Dentastix,

  • Purina One Healthy Metabolism                                        Rawhide chewies, Kongs (any size),    

  • Purina One Healthy Kitten                                                 kong fillers (cookies or paste),

                                                                                                         small jars of peanut butter and                                     

3. Chicken or Turkey baby food (human)                                       Cheez Wiz, Milk Bone hard &

4. KMR (Kitten replacement milk) powder or liquid                      soft treats

5. Feline Advantage and Multi-Advantage                                     Squeek toys, plush (no stuffing) toys,

6. Litter - Any type of Pine litter or Clay Unscented Litter               

7. Bedding – Must be machine washable                                 3. DOG CARE

8. Toys - Any small toys, wand toys, little mice,                        puppy dog collars , dog collars of  

         jingle balls, ping-pong balls                                               various sizes, any size no-pull harnesses,

9. New or gently used towels, wash cloths, blankets,                 Easy-walk brand harnesses, leashes,

        beddings (must be machine washable)                                Soft & Washable: dog cushions, dog                          

10. New or gently used cat carriers, traps, carrier liners             pillows, dogdonuts, soft blankets, towels,

11. New or gently used cat trees, cat-furniture,                           sheets, bathmats,  dog coats & sweaters

        all types of Scratch posts.                                                     (all sizes), Ear cleaner, liquid bandage,

                                                                                                      cotton ball, swabs, Housebreaking pads.




                                                SHELTER SUPPLIES Wish List & Needs

Stainless steel buckets, Brooms, Dust Pans, Sponge Mops and Mop Heads, Paper Towels, Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags (6 ml & up), Disposable Latex Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, Ajax Antibacterial Dish Soap, hand soap, toilet paper, dish sponges, Bleach (6% sodium hypochlorite), bandages, gauze, bandage wrap, human disinfectant.


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